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Neelima Sailaja (Transitional Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham) is an interdisciplinary researcher working on the socio-technical challenges of technology use. She currently leads the HDI wing of the EPSRC Fixing the Future project focusing on exploring the challenges and responses around repair of smart technologies. She has published over 15 peer reviewed outputs at leading HCI venues and has led workshops exploring the sociotechnical implications of technology at ACM CHI and IMX.

Teresa Castle-Green is an inter-disciplinary researcher working on unpacking the socio-technical complexities of design and repair of IoT. She is the HDI Researcher at the University of Nottingham on the EPSRC Fixing the Future project engaging with UK repair communities to investigate ways in which HCI/HDI approaches can support the growing culture of community-based repair.

Paul Coulton is Professor of Speculative and Game Design at Lancaster University. Previously, he led Nokia’s Academic Mobile Experiences Group (2006-2012). His current focus is the design challenges presented by IoT and datafication. He is PI on the EPSRC Experiencing the Future Mundane and Uncanny AI projects which explore AI data legibility, agency and negotiability.

Michael Stead is Lecturer in Sustainable Design Futures at Lancaster University. His interdisciplinary research interrogates the environmental and social impacts data-driven technologies pose for sustainability goals like Net Zero 2050 and the Circular Economy. Michael leads Lancaster’s work package on the EPSRC Fixing the Future project. He has published over 25 peer reviewed Design/HCI outputs and lead-authored PETRAS’ Little Book of Sustainability for the IoT.

Joseph Lindley is a specialist in Design Research and Design Fiction. His focus is on promoting these approaches as strategies to assist emerging technologies in delivering sustainable and equitable futures. He is a member of the ACM Future of Computing Academy, an alumnus of the PETRAS Centre for Excellence for IoT Cybersecurity and a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow.

Lachlan Urquhart is Senior Lecturer in Technology Law and HCI at the University of Edinburgh. He is Director of the Regulation and Design Lab, and Co-Director of SCRIPT and CRISP. He has published over 50 papers in computing, law and ethics exploring socio-technical aspects of designing, living with and regulating emerging information technologies. He leads the EPSRC ‘Fixing the Future: Right to Repair and Equal-IoT’ project.

Dimitrios Darzentas is a lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University. His multidisciplinary work is situated at the intersection of HCI and Design (Mixed Reality Technologies, Experience Design, Physical/Digital Service Design, Sustainability). His current research interests include Hybrid Physical/Digital Experiences and Socio-Political and Cultural Heritage aspects of Gaming.

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